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CBTC Plates at Garden City

CBTC Plates at Garden City


We want you to become a member of the Coastal Bicycle Touring Club.  Why should you join?  Here are just some of the reasons:


  1. Support local, regional, and state advocacy groups promoting safe cycling
  2. Support local advocacy group: Bike Walk Savannah
  3. 10% discount on parts, accessories and labor at local bike shops
  4. Annual autumn “Soup Ride”
  5. Annual summer picnic
  6. Club outing at a Savannah Bananas game each summer
  7. Monthly meetings featuring guest speakers on a wide range of topics
  8. A social network for like-minded people who share a passion for cycling


  1. Single membership: $20 per year
  2. Family membership: $25 per year
  3. Pro-rated (reduced) costs when joining during the year

To mail in your application use this link, and mail your application to CBTC Treasurer, C/O Deb Griffith, PO Box 242, Guyton, GA 31312


To pay online with PayPal use the form below.

Note: if you wish to use the online form and pay in person, complete the form below and once taken to the PayPal page just cancel the transaction

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