Coastal Bicycle Touring Club, Incorporated
Savannah, Georgia

The name of this organization shall be the Coastal Bicycle Touring Club, Incorporated and shall be referred to as the Coastal Bicycle Touring Club or by the acronym CBTC.

The purpose of this organization is to promote and encourage bicycling in all its forms; to educate its members and the community in all aspects of the safe use and enjoyment of bicycles; and to actively work toward the development of a safe environment for all bicyclists.

Elected Officers: There shall be five (5) elected officers to provide organization with guidance and leadership; A President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Member at Large. Together, acting by such rules as they may establish, together along with the Standing Committee Chairs, they shall constitute the Board of Directors. The immediate Past President will serve as ex-officio member of the Board of Directors for one year after they hold office as President.
These elected officers shall be; nominated in November, elected in January and installed at the February meeting of the general membership.
The President shall be the official representative of the organization in all matters and shall be responsible for all the activities of the organization and is especially charged to lead and coordinate its programs toward the fulfillment of its purposes. The President shall preside at all Board of Directors meetings and all meetings of the general membership.
The Vice President shall assist the President with their duties and shall assume those duties in the President’s absence. The Vice President shall also assume such other functions as assigned by the Board of Directors. The Vice President shall be responsible for the agenda and the monthly meeting of the general membership.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds; the reporting at meetings of financial conditions of the club; the proper record keeping of finances.
The Secretary shall maintain records, conduct correspondence, and preform the normal functions of this office, and such other functions as the Board of Directors shall assign. The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept all minutes of the Monthly Meeting, and the Board of Director Meetings.
The Member-at-Large shall represent the general membership at Director Meetings and shall assume such other functions as assigned by the Board of Directors.
Standing Committees:
Standing committee Chairs shall be elected by the Board of Directors by a simple majority. Nominations shall be accepted from the general membership.
The Chair shall be responsible for recruiting and seeking volunteers from the membership to assist in effectively accomplishing the goals of the committee.
The Chairs of the Standing Committees shall report to the Board of Directors the activities and goals of their committee as well as any action regarding the organization activities through the media sources. This shall be reported at the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors. They shall also be responsible for the development of effective public relations materials to properly promote the organization.
Action regarding the organization Member shall Chair only one Committee.
Education and Safety Committee shall be responsible for the development of programs and events that educate both the membership and the community in all aspect of the safe use and enjoyment of bicycles, as per the purpose of this organization.
Advocacy Committee shall maintain awareness of and respond to political situations pertaining to the use of the bicycle and a safe environment for bicycling. The shall also inform the membership of opportunities to participate.
Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for a monthly newsletter informing the membership of all pertinent information and activities. This Committee shall be chaired by the Editor. (This includes: Composing, Printing and Distribution).
Ride Director shall be responsible for planning, educating, conducting events and disseminating information to meet the needs of the riding membership as well as the general membership. Also, shall establish and maintain ride guidelines.
Social Committee shall be responsible for implementing an activities calendar to meet the needs of the membership and the purpose of the club. They shall further be responsible for the implementing of special events. They shall be responsible for informing the membership of activities outside of the organization which may be of interest to the membership.
Article III “Web Master”
Web Master shalt be responsible for maintaining the CBTC Web site. The committee shall be chaired by the Web Master. Amended on 11/4/02
Membership Committee shall be responsible for responding to inquires regarding membership and shall further be responsible for the processing of membership applications, issuing membership cards, membership renewals and the record keeping of membership activity.
Ad-Hoc Committees and Special Appointments shall be made by the Board of Directors when needed to accomplish certain specific goals, projects, events, etc. The Board of Directors shalt dissolve said Committees and or Appointments when and as it sees fit.
The General Membership shall meet on a monthly basis except on months of major social events.
The Standing Committees shall meet as deemed necessary to accomplish their specific goals and objectives.
The Board of Directors shall meet on a monthly basis not necessarily on another date but separate from the regular club meeting of the General membership.

Regular membership. Anyone who continually subscribes to the purposes, charter and bylaws of this organization, who pays the annual dues and has signed a waiver of liability agreement shall be considered a regular member. This includes individual and family memberships. The annual dues are subject to change pending adoption by the general membership.
Honorary Membership. The Board of Directors may extend honorary membership to any individual, organization or member rendering notable service to the Coastal Bicycle Touring Club, Inc. , to the furtherance of bicycling or to the community at large. Honorary Membership shall not entail the obligation of Regular Membership, but shall entitle the recipient to all the privileges of membership except those of making motions, voting and holding office. Board of Directors may confer the full privileges of Regular Membership at their discretion.
Supporting Membership. This membership is made available to businesses, organizations and individuals who have demonstrated their support of our purpose by an effort or contribution. Supporting Memberships are issued by the Board of Directors. This membership may be issued as recognition or solicited.

These Bylaws shall be adopted after notice to the General membership and adopted if approved at the next meeting of the General membership by 2/3 vote. The Charter & Bylaws will be available to the membership upon request from any board member. Amended on 10/6/03

This Charter may be amended by notice to the membership of the proposed amendment, followed by approval at any meeting not less than four weeks later.

The November newsletter will present a call for nominations. The election ballot shall be presented at the January meeting in person or in proxy with signature, for tally. Votes shall be persons separately in the presence of the electorate. In the event of an unclear majority or tie, a runoff election will be held between two candidates at the same meetiiig. A sample ballot will be kept by the Secretary. Terms of office shall be one year. All un-expired terms shall be filled as soon as possible following the creation of a vacancy.
By Laws will no longer be read aloud each year but made available to anyone that would like them.
Amended date October 6, 2003