Ride News

Right Turn Clyde Ride, 9 January 2020

Per a rather poetic John A.: “There was a good turnout for the first ride of 2021, despite cool, damp, and blustery weather. A fine-tuned pace line traversed the unusually-lightly trafficked roads of Bloomingdale and Southbridge on the infamous Ride Turn Clyde Ride.” Judging from the picture (which was absolutely taken on-site at that ride), it looks like a great time was had by all!

Gabi’s New Year’s Day Ride, 1 January 2021

Can’t think of a better way to leave a rather rocky 2020 behind and welcome the New Year than a ride with friends on January 1st! The weather itself seemed a harbinger of better things, as we were bathed in mild temps and sunshine as we toured Wilmington and Whitmarsh Islands. A great turnout meant minimum time pulling and maximum time basking in the beautiful day with little traffic and happy cyclists. We capped it all off with pizza and libations at Hop Atomica in the Starland District.

Liberty Trail Ride, 12 December 2020

Last week was enough winter for us, I think, and the earth agreed. Today’s ride started cool but pleasant and warmed up to the mid-60s. Another excellent turnout with two full speed groups on a beautiful day in Liberty County. Kathy said it was her new favorite route, and it was hard to disagree looking out over the marshy Midway River. In gratitude for their parking hospitality, we grabbed lunch and ate outside the Smokin’ Pig!

Kilkenny Ride, 5 December 2020

Winter has arrived, and so, therefore, have my lobster gloves! A great turnout for this first cold ride of the year; we had two speed groups for the, let’s call it “breezy,” ride out to Kilkenny Marina. It was a blue sky and sunny day, and those sunny spots certainly kept us going until it warmed up about half-way through. Everyone was in great spirits – a great start to December!

Ellabell Ride, 21 November 2020

I was out of town yet again, but John Arney took point on photos and a report. Another nice turnout for what may well turn out to be the last, great weather of the season before we take on the rigors of Ol’ Man Winter. We were very happy to see longtime CBTC alums John Baynard and Chris Seale make a most welcome appearance. 

Rincon Ride, 7 November 2020

Decent turnout this week for Rincon (a lot of the usual suspects), and I pity those of you that missed because it was as close to perfect as a biking day gets! Temps hung in the mid-70s on the classic Dasher Route through the smooth country byways of Rincon. Nature sighting of the day was a Red-Shoudered Hawk cutting straight across our path on the return – if only I’d had my camera in-hand! 

Skidaway Ride, 31 October 2020

Despite a lack of posting, our rides have continued in the month of October! It’s my fault because I’ve been out of town and unable to participate and chronicle them, but I was back this week for a great Halloween ride on Skidaway Island (and to and from for some of us!). It was a brisk start for those of us who rode to the ride from midtown Savannah, but it was worth it for that extra distance on what became a beautiful autumn day. Another excellent turnout (including two out-of-town guests from St. Pete, FL) gave us two speed groups as we toured the placid streets of the Landings. We’re in the best part of the year for cycling, so come join us next week in Rincon!

Tito Pineiro Memorial Ride, 10 October 2020

A sizable contingent of club riders participated in the third annual SFC Augusto “Tito” Pineiro memorial ride on Saturday, 10 October.  Despite less-than-optimal weather conditions, club riders led the 34 mile route to honor the memory of Tito, who was killed by a motorist while riding a hand-crank cycle.  Tito, who was known as “unbreakable”, was a local and regional icon.  Tito frequently tackled the most extreme athletic events to bring awareness to Operation Enduring Warrior.  One of the most extreme events Tito participated in was a 100 mile run – that Tito completed while wearing a full protective gas mask.  Family, friends and supporters stopped at the ghost bike memorial for a brief prayer and remembrance before completing the ride.


Islands Ride, 3 October 2020

After a brief hiatus, club rides resumed on this chill October Saturday. A nice turnout with two speed groups for a pleasant tour of Burnside Island and Isle of Hope. Possibly a few more sprints than we were accustomed to due to this replicating the Sunday ride, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Ended with a delicious lunch at Sly’s Sliders and Fries!

Ellabell Ride, 5 September 2020

Sadly, we have no Savannah Century this year, but that didn’t stop us from our annual Savannah Century warm-up in beautiful Ellabell. It was a warmer start than we’ve had of late, but a nice breeze and more shade than I remembered along the way made for a great ride for both of our groups. We had out of town guests from Tampa in Dave and Kelly, and they gave Kathy a spirited ride. The rest of the gang took an old route for some variety and, to quote the bard, it made all the difference.

Skidaway Island Ride, 29 August 2020

August was a month to remember, cycling weather-wise. Finished the month with another temperate and perfectly overcast day in an otherwise oppressively hot summer. Why I didn’t grab a photo of the sailboats enjoying the breezy day at our rest stop, I’ll never know; however, I did manage to snap pics of the two speed groups passing each other. 

Springfield Ride, 22 August 2020

I missed due to my daughter’s soccer game, but John attended and supplied a photo from the Clyo Trading Post and the following blurb: It was a beautiful overcast day. We averaged 19 mph on a 40-mile loop. It was actually 19.2 but Strava kicked it back (ed. note: whom do I trust more, John or Strava…?). Slower group did 34 miles. 

Looks like a good crowd in the photo. 

Fancy Hall Ride, 15 August 2020

We’re really having a great August for biking! We had cloud cover most of the ride, and temperatures hung around the low 80s. What’s more, there was a breeze, and it felt like a tailwind the whole ride. Another two-group ride, going 32 or 40 miles, and we were zipping along. Richmond Hill has some very nice, flat roads, and we enjoyed this ride. Somehow, John managed to tie his chain in a knot at one point, but Howard the On-Ride Physician was able to perform emergency surgery to save the day.

Hardeeville/Hospital Ride, 8 August 2020

Perfect summer cycling weather on this one. Rain came through early that morning and cooled everything off but had dried by the time we rode. We took a wrong turn, but it was a nice, quiet road and, frankly, may develop into an alternate route in the future. Two good-sized groups for this ride.

Harris Neck Ride, 25 July 2020

A beautiful day in McIntosh County, capped off by ideal wildlife watching at Harris Neck. Temperatures were great the entire morning and were capped off with a brief but thorough shower to cool off the home stretch. 

Rincon Ride, 18 July 2020

Great crowd for the Rincon Ride, with two speed groups helmed by the Club Members Extraordinaire James and Tina Dasher. A robust summer day, but the cycling breeze kept the worst of the heat away.