Ride News

Ellabell Ride, 5 September 2020

Sadly, we have no Savannah Century this year, but that didn’t stop us from our annual Savannah Century warm-up in beautiful Ellabell. It was a warmer start than we’ve had of late, but a nice breeze and more shade than I remembered along the way made for a great ride for both of our groups. We had out of town guests from Tampa in Dave and Kelly, and they gave Kathy a spirited ride. The rest of the gang took an old route for some variety and, to quote the bard, it made all the difference.

Skidaway Island Ride, 29 August 2020

August was a month to remember, cycling weather-wise. Finished the month with another temperate and perfectly overcast day in an otherwise oppressively hot summer. Why I didn’t grab a photo of the sailboats enjoying the breezy day at our rest stop, I’ll never know; however, I did manage to snap pics of the two speed groups passing each other. 

Springfield Ride, 22 August 2020

I missed due to my daughter’s soccer game, but John attended and supplied a photo from the Clyo Trading Post and the following blurb: It was a beautiful overcast day. We averaged 19 mph on a 40-mile loop. It was actually 19.2 but Strava kicked it back (ed. note: whom do I trust more, John or Strava…?). Slower group did 34 miles. 

Looks like a good crowd in the photo. 

Fancy Hall Ride, 15 August 2020

We’re really having a great August for biking! We had cloud cover most of the ride, and temperatures hung around the low 80s. What’s more, there was a breeze, and it felt like a tailwind the whole ride. Another two-group ride, going 32 or 40 miles, and we were zipping along. Richmond Hill has some very nice, flat roads, and we enjoyed this ride. Somehow, John managed to tie his chain in a knot at one point, but Howard the On-Ride Physician was able to perform emergency surgery to save the day.

Hardeeville/Hospital Ride, 8 August 2020

Perfect summer cycling weather on this one. Rain came through early that morning and cooled everything off but had dried by the time we rode. We took a wrong turn, but it was a nice, quiet road and, frankly, may develop into an alternate route in the future. Two good-sized groups for this ride.

Harris Neck Ride, 25 July 2020

A beautiful day in McIntosh County, capped off by ideal wildlife watching at Harris Neck. Temperatures were great the entire morning and were capped off with a brief but thorough shower to cool off the home stretch. 

Rincon Ride, 18 July 2020

Great crowd for the Rincon Ride, with two speed groups helmed by the Club Members Extraordinaire James and Tina Dasher. A robust summer day, but the cycling breeze kept the worst of the heat away.

Pink Cup Cake Ride, 7 March 2020

Three club members braved the brisk, breezy conditions of the 7th Annual Pink Cup Cake Ride (PCCR) on 7 March, to complete the 120 mile route, which also included 140 miles for the seriously brave hearts.  Celebrating the birthday of ride creator John Jensen, finishers were regaled with pink cupcakes and bumper stickers that proclaimed “I rode the Pink Cup Cake Ride”.  

Fancy Hall Ride, 7 March 2020

Saturday 7 March dawned cool but cloudless, and there was a good turnout for the Ride to Fancy Hall.  Club members are shown at the Kilkenney Marina rest stop, enjoying the view and the company of club riders.

Soup Ride, 18 February 2020

A big turnout for the club’s annual Soup Ride, held 15 February in Rincon.  James and Tina Dasher were this year’s hosts, who arranged for us to use the Macomber Recreational Building for the venue, a spacious building with full service kitchen and other amenities.  The ride was held in good conditions – for February – with temperatures approaching 50 degrees at the start, under a cloudless blue sky.  After the ride, we shared a number of soups and chilis, salads and vegetable dishes and some very delicious desserts.  Thanks again to James and Tina – you really know how to put on an event.




Skidaway Ride, 18 January 2020

Another big turnout for the Skidaway ride on a cooler (but hardly cold) January Saturday.  We had two groups of riders today set out to explore the Landings, one on the tarmac and one taking the more scenic route. The Tavern lunch is always a winner as well.

Springfield Ride, 11 January 2020

A big group came out today for the Springfield ride, encouraged, no doubt, but the unseasonable 60s temps we had.  There’s nothing better than a country bike ride in those kinds of temperatures in January!!

Skidaway Ride, 14 December 2019

Great turnout for a somewhat dreary December morning ride through the Landings.  Two rides (though I only managed to catch one in a picture!) that we eagerly began in hopes of warming up only to have Mother Nature laugh at us with cooler temps and wind once we got started.  Everyone remained jovial and determined nonetheless and we enjoyed the spoils of a fine tavern lunch as our reward for a job well done.

Christmas “Ride the Squares” and dinner, 8 December 2019

Club members met at Pulaski Square and rode a leisurely route around the many squares of downtown Savannah, all the while accompanied by Christmas music courtesy of Rick Royer.  Afterwards, the riders joined other club members at the Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  It was a fun evening for all.

Cruisin’ in the Country, 9 November 2019

A large contingent of club riders journeyed to Claxton – the fruitcake capital of the world – to ride in the 24th annual Cruisin’ in the Country ride.  Conditions were typical for Claxton – a little brisk to start, a breeze that seemed to be constantly in our faces, yet a cloudless beautiful blue sky.  All things considered, one of the better Cruisin’ in the Country rides of all time….and of course the rest stop food was special as was the post-ride lunch.

Rincon Ride, 2 November 2019

A smaller group in Rincon today with many club members at the Three Rivers Ride in Kingsland, but we had a couple of out-of-town visitors in Floridians Gabriel and Aurora to supplement numbers on this cool, fall day.  With a starting temp hovering around 50, we headed out as a single group.  We eventually broke into short, long, and longer rides, but not before we had a kind passerby at the first rest stop snap that classic group photo!  

Inter Coastal Waterway Century, 27 October 2019

Several club members journeyed down to Cocoa Beach for the 31st annual Inter Coastal Waterway Century on Sunday, 27 October.  For those club members who stayed local and explored the roots of democracy, another group journeyed to the Space Coast and drank in the history – made and to-be-made – along the Kennedy Space Center and the new Space X program.  It was warm, it was humid, it was breezy – to say the least – but it was fun and the views were fabulous.  To those who didn’t come and enjoy this outing, where were you?  There were 1,000 new friends you could have met on this ride.





Liberty Trail Ride, 26 October 2019

For those of us in the club without the Right Stuff for the Space Coast ride, we instead explored the roots of democracy in lovely Liberty County on a day that can only be described as ideal.  Only five intrepid Sons of Liberty accepted the challenge, but from the spark burns the conflagration!  Our spirits were as high as the tide that lapped the marshy roadsides.  As this page of history is written, ask yourself, where were you?

Tito Memorial Ride, 5 October 2019

A moving and meaningful ride today as the club participated in the memorial ride for SFC Augusto “Tito” Pineiro, a multiple-purple heart recipient and Operation Enduring Warrior hero who was killed riding his hand cycle on the Ft. Stewart route. A group start, led by a couple of Tito’s friends riding hand cycles in his honor, led the 30-mile route with support vehicles shadowing for protection, culminating with a stop at the memorial with Tito’s family and friends.

Hill on Wheels Ride, 21 September 2019

Our initial club ride with the Hill on Wheels bike shop, in Richmond Hill.  Good turnout, good route to Ft. McAllister on some familiar roads, and some good old fashioned Southern comfort food afterwards.  Our friend from Cape Town, South Africa, Claudia Chennells, was mesmerized by her first-ever chicken and waffles breakfast, as the photo attests.

Right Turn Clyde Ride, 7 September 2019

Good groups for both the short and long rides today, and a beautiful near-fall day to go with them.  Other than the notorious Little Neck Rd., we had smooth roads, little traffic, and sunny skies with a cool tail wind.  Really couldn’t ask for a better biking day, and we enjoyed a friendly lunch at El Mariachi afterward.


Islands Ride, 24 August 2019

A fun ride starting at Forsyth Park, winding down to Berwick, Isle of Hope and then back for about a 30 mile ride.  A good group, and a good get-together afterwards at Mellow Mushroom in downtown Savannah.

Gallery Espresso Ride, 17 August 2019

The few, the proud, the Club members who braved what looked like rain to make the Gallery Espresso Ride!  Fortune favors the bold, and the weather cleared accordingly for a pleasant overcast ride day that dried out the roads from an earlier shower and made for some good biking.

Skidaway Island ride, 10 August 2019

A large contingent of CBTC members and guests rode the serene and scenic streets of Skidaway Island on Saturday, 10 August.  There were three rides, at 19, 23 and 34 miles, and afterwards gathered at the Village Pub for cool drinks and lunch.  A great outing!

Guyton Ride, 3 August 2019

It was a gorgeous August day in Guyton for a bike ride.  We started a half-hour earlier to avoid the summer heat, but overcast skies kept the ride unseasonably cool and pleasant.  We had both long and a short rides with a southern soul early lunch afterward.  James Dasher wins the prize for bringing weekly guest riders!

Kilkenny Ride, 27 July 2019

A good turnout for Kilkenny on what was possibly the perfect biking day – overcast and cool with breaks of blue skies.  We split into a couple of different speed and distance groups to savor this Saturday and celebrated our finish at Fish Tales!

Sunset cruise, 21 July 2019

A good turnout for the Sunset cruise, which included a casual ride around Skidaway Island, companionship, food and drink, and a magnificent sunset to cap a great event.

Springfield Ride, 20 July 2019

Great attendance at the Springfield Ride, with twelve on the long ride alone!  Another beautiful day in Southeast Georgia, with clear, mostly smooth roads and plenty of sunshine.  Several new members and visitors joined the day as we explored the rolling countryside in Effingham County.  

Liberty Trail Ride, 6 July 2019

The club’s Saturday ride on 6 July was well attended – and the cold drinks and food after the ride were excellent as well.  We dodged a lot of bad weather, and it was a great ride…..however, it was a tad warm and muggy as the features on Darryl and John’s faces can attest.

Fourth of July ride around Hunter Army Air Field 4 July 2019

A large contingent of club riders, along with several Savannah area riders, rode a couple of patriotic laps around Hunter Army Air Field (HAAF).  We left pretty early to try and avoid the heat and humidity – silly us.

Rincon Ride, Saturday 29 June 2019

Skies had big puffy clouds, but the temperatures were scorching and the humidity heavy, but – hey – this is Georgia and it’s summer.  We had a great ride, and enjoyed ourselves over cold drinks and delicious Mexican food – what’s not to like about any of this?

Matt’s Moon River Cruise, 15 June 2019

Although overall participation was low (due to the event having been postponed due to inclement weather) a sizable contingent of club riders participated.  The event honors the death of a local cyclist (Matt Kholer), and is sponsored by Moon River Brewing, who created a beer in Matt’s honor.  Let’s all try to make this event a “must attend” next year, as we partner with Bike Walk Savannah to host this great community event.