Ride News

Skidaway Ride, 15 January 2022

Somehow we were back at Skidaway this weekend! Per John: “Great turnout for the Landings ride. Eric was back for his first ride since his mountain bike [mishap]. Marc brought a neighbor, Corbin…also had Tim and Vickie, our part-time residents from Chattanooga, and Benjamin, a new recruit from Bike Walk Savannah.” Nice group photo!

Skidaway Ride, 1 January 2022

First ride of the New Year, and I have no pictures to show for it (and am posting this nearly two weeks late to boot)! Sorry, Clubbers, it’s been a hectic start to the year. The holiday season was incredibly kind to us weather-wise, and it culminated in our Skidaway Ride. We had a very nice contingent of riders and managed a couple of different pace/distance groups as we celebrated the start of another glorious cycling year and lamented the reset of our Strava stats! Lunch at Your Pie in Sandfly hit the spot post-ride, so much so that there was discussion of starting and ending our ride there! Happy New Year to all, and hope to see you out there!!

Islands Ride, 18 December 2021

Looked a little dicey on numbers with about 5 minutes to spare to takeoff, but we really had a nice turnout after all on what was an absolute peach of a “winter” Savannah day. With temps in the 70s, my dream of perfect winter weekends continues! We celebrated David’s birthday with a Sly’s lunch and homemade cheesecake by Cathy R.!

Liberty Trail Ride, 11 December 2021

HUGE turnout this past Saturday out in Liberty County! No backstory, but all those smiling cyclists look like they’re having fun. Given how much parking they must have used, I’ll wager dollars to doughnuts they ate at Smokin’ Pig afterward. Here’s hoping the same crowd and more show up this Satruday when I make my own triumphant return!

Right Turn Clyde, 4 December 2021

Great ride in Savannah with a large contingent of club members. Three different speed/distance groups, and two new members in Tim and Daniel. Weather was cool at the start but ended up being perfectly warm and sunny as we passed Mitsubishi and wondered how long that can last with all the new construction. Winter is coming, but I, for one, hope it only shows up midweek so that we can have nice crisp autumn days for the weekend rides.

Cruisin’ in the Country Ride, 13 November 2021

Pictures galore for this ride (courtesy of Kathy, Cathy, and John)! What a phenomenal ride it was, too! Weather was CHILLY at the start, but right around the second rest stop the sun was out and temps were in the 60s. There was Peach Cobbler to boot! This ride through the Claxton countryside truly is one of the highlights of the cycling year. Super-friendly people staffing it, who not only provide a surplus of home-cooked food but also will bag your cold-weather gear at any rest stop and deliver it back to the start for you to pick up at ride’s end! Did I mention we had a huge club turnout as well?!

Kilkenny Ride, 30 October 2021

Apologies for the delayed post on this one, gang! Great ride out in Richmond Hill, as usual these days. All of the roads out there are newly paved and ride like butter. Pair that with a perfect fall day that (for once!) was warmer than expected, and it made for a marvelous ride for a nice contingent of the club. I brought my friend Kevin along as well, and he rode the first 35 mile ride of his life on my trusty LeMond. It was good to be back after a long hiatus, and everyone had a great time!

Islands Ride, 23 October 2021

Just gorgeous fall weather this past Saturday, so I hope you all got out there and rode. I had out of town guests, but John A. sent me the fine photo below, which he captioned with “when everyone was still upright.” Come to find out it was a crash of one, but I assume John felt better because he rode a metric century the next day.

Rincon Ride, 16 October 2021

Per front line correspondent Cathy R.: James Dasher led this hometown ride, and we were joined by his friend Lester and a couple, Tim and Vicki, who live in TN but have a place in Thunderbolt. It was plenty hot again, which may or may not have anything to do with a lighter than normal turnout from the club. Although most were complaining about the cold front coming, I, for one, can’t wait!

Hardeeville Ride, 9 October 2021

It was a family affair for the Holmes men, as son Matt joined Eric for this pleasant fall ride in Hardeeville, SC. I know the group took the new and improved route, and I will assume it was everything they dreamed and more (because they didn’t actually send me a description)! Everyone looks happy in the pics; I especially like John’s behind-the-scenes pictures of the picture-takers (a little glimpse into the magic of this recap…).

Right Turn Clyde Ride, 2 October 2021

Shout-out to club member/mechanic extraordinaire Ken who re-trued my wheel and repaired a broken spoke while I was out of town and arrived just in time to get me rolling on this ride out of Berwick. Beautiful day, as always, it seems. Cathy thought it too warm and muggy for her Maineiac (it’s a thing – look it up) constitution, but it felt great for those of us who weathered the actually-muggy Georgia summer and found this to be a pleasant fall preview. My neighbor Mike joined the club for a well-attended ride around Savannah-Garden City-Pooler-Bloomingdale, etc. Two ride groups and Mexican lunch afterward.

Liberty Trail Ride, 25 September 2021

Wow, this one is overdue!! Got some great pictures below from Kathy S. from the Liberty Trail Ride but sadly no ride description from anyone, so I’ll interpret: It was a sunny, clear day of bike riding, there were horses seen and pigs eaten, and all had a great ride. Bill Webb made an appearance, I see. Hi Bill!

Islands Ride, 18 September 2021

Your faithful correspondent managed to return for this ride, and a large contingent showed up for a beautiful day and two ride groups. Roy is contending for the King of Flats title I myself have laid claim to (along with a couple of other members) – I will say, he seems to have his flat-fixing form down pat (compare and contrast the pics below to his earlier efforts on the Ellabell ride a few weeks ago). Kidding aside, he never let it dampen his upbeat spirit and managed to hold the bike together until the end. We enjoyed Sly’s afterward for lunch.

Watermelon Ride, 12 September 2021

The club split up this weekend: a large contingent participated in the Watermelon Ride in Amelia Island, FL, while Mark led the normal weekly ride in Harris Neck. No pictures as yet from Harris Neck, but lots of smiling faces from the Watermelon Ride, which seems to have been very well attended and greatly enjoyed (I heard there were even smoothies at the last rest stop!). Of course, there has to be rain for rainbows, so the team did suffer three flats along the way, with Ken getting a rare double-flat – but that’s nothing that nice weather, camaraderie and smoothies can’t fix!

Skidaway Ride, 4 September 2021

No ride report, per se, but look at all those happy faces in the pictures! LOTS of riders on this one and some nice photos courtesy of Kathy S. and Pam P. Is that Susan I see?!

Islands Ride, 28 August 2021

Oh, but it was foreboding as we drove into The Hill (Richmond Hill) for Saturday’s ride. Intermittent showers peppered the entire drive, and I feared we’d be getting our ride briefing under a deluge, but miraculously the skies cleared right at 8 AM in perfect time for us to gather for the ride and head out. Moreover, it was sunny skies and newly paved roads the entire ride! New club members Kelly and Ken get primo photo real estate below (courtesy of Chris), but there’s a little bit of everybody from our FOUR! ride groups. Fish Tales lunch afterward was really nice on the outside porch with a cool breeze and libations all around.

Islands Ride, 21 August 2021

Per John A.: Another great ride today. We had 4 groups, which included the return of James Dasher and Ken P.!! Everyone enjoyed the open roads in Effingham County followed by lunch at El Real.

Islands Ride, 14 August 2021

Per John A.: Pretty good turnout for the Islands Ride. We had 3 groups and went to Sly’s for lunch. Highlight of the ride was running into (Super Svelte) Jim at the rest stop. Claims he’ll be back. Kathy gets credit for most of these pics, btw.

Ellabell Ride, 7 August 2021

Your fearless editor actually made this ride for a change (July wasn’t my month)! Weather was very good for August in South Georgia – the humidity was definitely there, but the sun was not so we got a kind of misty coolness to the air if you kept moving! Roy managed “the haul” a/k/a four flats in one ride – look at that jovial camaraderie as his group works together to help him fix it/them! Lunch afterward was at Sandra’s, but no one sent me any pics of that, and I had to run home to help raise my young’uns.

Right Turn Clyde Ride, 31 July 2021

Per Kathy: “Sadly, new members Pam and Andrea do not stand out (ed. note – hidden behind prima donnas Roy and John, I see). Wish I had more photos to offer you but did not stay for lunch. BTW, Rich and Dav[id] rode like crazy men today – 24 mph in this heat (on the Mitsubishi road).”

Liberty Trail Ride, 24 July 2021

Great Liberty Trail ride today, y’all! Felt hot at the start, but it was really great once we started riding – lots of shade and a cool tailwind the whole ride. Had two good-sized ride groups, and we were all a jovial bunch. Tried to take some different photos this time around (I’m an artist), so let me know what you think in the comments below (kidding, there isn’t a comments section).

July Sunset Ride, 18 July 2021

From John: “Despite threatening skies and dire radar predictions, 14 brave cyclists showed up for the first Sunday Sunset Ride. Some rode to the Truman Linear Trail and Lake Mayer while others, frightened by rumbles of thunder and darkening skies, turned around at DeRenne Ave. to retreat to the safety of Ardsley Park. Nonetheless, all enjoyed food, drink, and merriment under the Hull Park Pagoda.”

Hardeeville Hospital Ride, 17 July 2021

From John: “Another awesome ride in the Low Country on the Hardeeville-to-Tillman Ride. After a long hiatus, John & Sharon Schmitt showed up on their tandem to ride. Pam Pierce was in a hurry to finish the ride so that she could pick up her new bike in Florida. We ran into a group from Kickin’ Asphalt at the rest stop. They gave us the idea to start the ride from the Millstone boat ramp to eliminate the unpleasant Hwy 278 crossing and potholed Plantation Blvd., so the Hospital/Hardeeville-to-Tillman Ride could become the new Millstone/Hardeeville-to-Clyo Ride.” Stay tuned!

Harris Neck Ride, 10 July 2021

Pictures galore from Kathy (mostly) and John on this ride. We’re in a bit of a summer doldrum with participation as I believe everyone is scratching their post-COVID travel itch, but the few and proud continue to represent the club with aplomb!! Per Kathy: “It was perfect weather!” and John: “Great ride in Harris Neck Saturday. Cool morning start for July, but warned up quickly. Had the usual headwind all the way back from the wildlife refuge, but it was totally worth it for the gorgeous bounty of wildlife viewing – what a great time to be alive!” (OK, I added part of that, but I assure you it’s what he meant). Photos as promised:

Freedom Ride, 4 July 2021

A good contingent of the club and guests celebrated the US’s birthday with a red, white, and blue Islands Ride (suggested by HAAF commander and club member LTC Stephen Bolton).

Skidaway Ride, 2 July 2021

From John Arney: Good turnout for the Skidaway Island Ride. We had the return of Carol Barger for her first group ride since her accident in March, and we also welcomed Pam Pierce & Regina Dunn to their first Saturday ride with the club since joining in June. We had multiple speed groups and witnessed Jackie Black exceeding 18 mph average while riding with the “A” group. Bill Webb even showed up. We had a great lunch at Your Pie in Sandfly after the ride.

Fancy Hall Ride, 26 June 2021

From John Arney: Great ride to Fancy Hall & Kilkenny. We had 3 groups again, but all ended up at the rest stop together. Lunch in under an hour at the popular Sunrise Cafe. Cloud cover made it bearable on a hot and humid day.

Rincon Ride, 19 June 2021

Big turnout for a warm day in Rincon! The usual suspects were there, plus newcomer Bill who’s preparing for the upcoming Erie Canal ride. Three ride groups enjoyed sunny skies and smooth roads around Effingham county. Afterward, John tells me the group was heartily welcomed by the staff at El Real, our longtime Rincon Ride lunch haunt, who were so happy to see us return after the long COVID hiatus!

Picnic Ride, 12 June 2021

Wonderful turnout for the annual Picnic Ride! We had long and short rides around Savannah and Isle of Hope as well as a casual cruise up the Truman Linear Trail followed by a delicious lunch catered by Coffee Deli and supplemented by club members’ tasty desserts! Quite the nature show as well, with ducks supervising our picnic setup and several turtle encounters, both on the ride where Kathy saved one occupying the bike trail and a nest-digging female softshell provided viewing entertainment while we awaited the arrival of the food. The Board of Directors election results were announced, and congratulations are in order for our new slate of leaders!

Right Turn Clyde Ride, 29 May 2021

I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of Mike’s first-mile flat tire, both to break up the usual pace line/standing around photos, and also because I’m fairly sure he set the club speed record on a tire change. That was the only hiccup in, yes you guessed it, ANOTHER INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL RIDE DAY. Do I realize that I say that in every blurb? Yes, but if you rode this winter and suffered through the oh-so-cold and wet Saturday rides that seemed to pop up out of an otherwise gorgeous week, you understand why I’m so gaga over the weather we’ve gotten this Spring. Truly, if you’ve not ridden with us, you’ve missed out.

Tour de Forts Ride, 23 May 2021

Our second organized ride post-COVID was, I feel, a rousing success. A very good contingent of riders made the trek to beautiful St. Augustine, Florida to meet up with old flames the Griffiths on another inexplicably gorgeous day. Somehow it ended up cooler here than it was in Savannah! Although we strangely didn’t actually pass any forts (CURSE YOU COVID!!!!!!!!), we found solace in the beautiful (and oh-so-flat) Florida farm country. Most of all we enjoyed the camaraderie of about 1,000 cycling friends who were eager to put 2020 behind them.

Liberty Trail Ride, 22 May 2021

This has been a theme, but every week I swear the good weather is going to run out and summer heat and humidity set in. It still hasn’t happened! Weather’s still incredible! This was a low-turnout ride that just held schedule by the skin of its teeth, yet it was one of the most beautiful riding days yet! And a tail wind the whole way! Roy bravely persevered as leader despite the low numbers, and those of us who attended were rewarded with a peach of day. Tour de Forts may have interfered with attendance here, FYI, but we enjoyed it.

Skidaway Island Ride, 15 May 2021

A little slimmer turnout than expected, but it wasn’t for lack of phenomenal weather! Temps started in the 60s and hung below 80 on the clearest of days for another great ride through the Landings. Voted as the club’s favorite ride, I was left wondering where all the voters were this morning but not doubting the wisdom of their choice – lots of smooth, well-paved roads and great wildlife viewing, teamed with the gorgeous day, really made for an excellent ride. Kathy S. got to experience her first flat – Mark’s actually, which is the best kind of flat to experience, i.e. someone else’s. A group of us had lunch afterward at Sandfly’s Your Pie and sat outside with cold, refreshing libations – a great ending to a perfect ride.

Harris Neck Ride, 8 May 2021

Huge turnout for Harris Neck – three full groups! And not only that, but longtime club-member William “Bill the Thrill” Webb made his long-awaited return with all the usual accompanying bells and whistles and lights and GPSes. Temps were cool in the parking lot and we basked in the patches of sun we hit as we started out, but the day quickly warmed to the high 60s-low 70s – truly perfect. This is just a beautiful ride with quiet, well-paved roads for the most part and a rest stop at the Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge, which is currently experiencing peak bird-nesting season for the Egrets and Wood Storks. Camera phones aren’t quite up to the long-range birding shots, but Roy did manage a great up-close of an alligator basking right by the trail! I encourage all of you prodigal members to get back out here and ride before the hot hot hot HOT of summer returns!!

Islands Ride, 1 May 2021

Great ride again this week. Three speed/distance groups, and perhaps the finest weather we’ll never see again if this week is any indication! Surprise appearance from COVID crewmember extraordinaire, JIM!!!!!!!!!!!! Lunch afterward at Sly’s Sliders & Fries, which your author missed out on because he got a last-minute flat (fortunately one block from his house). Tough call on which picture to use of group members on their phones at Sly’s (rather than socializing), but I went with the landscape angle.

Fancy Hall Ride, 24 April 2021

Per Guest Writer John A.: Good ride to Fancy Hall. We had 3 groups. Two of the groups attempted the 40 mile route but reconsidered at Fancy Hall when a light rain started to fall. We skipped Kilkenny marina and returned, still managing a 33 mile distance at a good pace. Had brunch at the Sunrise Cafe.

P.S. Nobody got really wet as the rain on the way back was inconsistent and light. Most importantly, we had the return of Eric after his mishap on the Tour de Lowcountry a month ago.

Rincon Ride, 17 April 2021

What a great ride this was! I won’t lie to you: when I got John’s night-before text that we were going forward because the forecast had changed for the better, I nevertheless shuddered at thoughts of a wet and cold morning ride. Yet my misgivings were unwarranted – the weather, though chill at the very start, quickly warmed as soon as the sun appeared as we rolled into Springfield. We had a really great turnout, including lately-reclusive ride leader Matt!

Ellabell Ride, 3 April 2021

It was certainly chilly this morning, even with our late start, but it turned into a really nice spring day as we meandered through Bryan and Bulloch counties. Three ride groups offered opportunities for all speeds and distances, and we each had adventures along the way. We welcomed ride leader Roy back from a long hiatus, and he and his group enjoyed a scenic tour of the blooming azaleas in Pembroke. Our group likewise toured downtown Pembroke in its floral splendor, though as a result of poor navigation by yours truly (or was it kismet?). Deb’s third group took the actual route (boring!) and encountered their own adventure with a missing bridge. Nonetheless, we all made it back safe and sound – great ride! Roy promised me some good pictures shortly, but you’ll have to settle for these two I took at the start for now (sorry, no one would look at the camera). **UPDATE: Roy and his group found a beaver dam and stopped to inspect!

Tour de Lowcountry Ride, 27 March 2021

Oh, it started so wonderfully! And to be fair, it ended well…for some of us. To set the stage: the first organized biking event of the COVID era arrived in lovely, quaint Walterboro, South Carolina for a club favorite: the Tour de Lowcountry! Rides of 31 and 62 miles (the metric century – the sweet spot ride, if you ask me)! Temps started and hung about the glorious spring 70s and into the low 80s with a large club contingent and even larger group of ride-starved cyclists. The Metric started FAST with a large group we tucked behind for a breezy 22 mph to the first rest stop. Everyone was congenial as can be and oh-so-glad to be out on a BEAUTIFUL cycling day! Everything about the ride was great – the camaraderie, the organization, the rest stops! We loved it! And then, just before the 3rd rest stop at mile 42, tragedy struck us when an unexpected rut sent one rider and then another in our pace line careening into each other and to the pavement. There were some significant injuries; ambulances/SAG carted off at least 5 of our group. I’m sure the entire club joins me in sending well wishes to our injured compatriots and hope that you all have a speedy recovery and get back in the saddle soon!! The rest of us managed to push through to the end and enjoyed a pizza and beer celebration, a TdL tradition. I was woefully delinquent in my photography (surprise, surprise), but here’s a pic from happier times at the start while I reach out to other Club members for extra shots. UPDATE: Additional gorgeous pics from Doug have been added!

Skidaway Ride, 20 March 2021

Well, we should’ve known it was too good to be true! Winter returned for the weekend, it seems, but we were not deterred. A dive back into the winter clothes for an otherwise lovely spring day ride through the Landings. Some great wildlife viewing on this ride, including a gigantic bald eagle and several alligators sunning on the pond banks. If only we could have stopped for pictures…

Kilkenny Ride, 13 March 2021

More great weather meant another big turnout for Richmond Hill’s Kilkenny Ride! I’m starting to think the weather’s out to spite me seeing as this upcoming week’s ride looks to be a return to winter. Multiple speed groups again braved 70-80 degree sunshine out to Kilkenny Marina and back from our start at Fort McCallister. Photos as proof below courtesy of Cathy and Kathy!

Liberty Trail Ride, 27 February 2021

**Fair warning at the start that I’m going to make up for last week’s lack of pictures** (thanks, Kathy S. for acting as my sous-photog)

Best biking day of 2021 thus far on Saturday, and quite the crowd showed up to enjoy temps in the mid-60s to mid-70s for the Liberty Trail Ride. It felt like the good old (pre-COVID) days to see all of the friendly faces out there as Ken led us along the historic Liberty Trail. Three speed groups for the first time in quite awhile, and everyone really enjoyed a great ride once we cleared the parking lot sand gnats. Optional outside lunch at the Smokin’ Pig followed the ride.

Skidaway Island Ride, 20 February 2021

It feels like forever since we got a ride in with all of the rain and cold of late!! Though the cold remained, the rain finally let up for our first outing in THREE WEEKS at Skidaway Island. We started late at 10AM to give the group its best shot at warmth, and I can only imagine it helped (I wasn’t there yet again – mea culpa!). John’s succinct summary was, and I quote: “I forgot about pics. It was kind of cold. Good ride otherwise.” Brevity is the soul of wit, which undoubtedly qualifies John as our resident Shakespeare! No pictures, as noted by the Bard, but just imagine the smiling faces of our cycling compatriots amidst a background of eerily similar, brown-shaded Landings houses interspersed with lovely marsh and river views. 

Rincon Ride, 30 January 2021

Per John: Highs were only in the 30s when we set out in Rincon. All eyes were on Cathy’s new bike. The sun gradually warmed us up to the low 50s. Good lightly traveled roads made the ride worthwhile.


Knowles Island Ride, 23 January 2021

After last week’s rain-out, we had a heckuva turnout for the long-neglected Knowles Island Ride. Unfortunately, I got so excited about the large crowd at the start, and because it was cold enough to require full-fingered gloves, that I neglected to get any pictures of the lovely scenery. Nevertheless, take my word for it that it was a beautiful day riding through the South Carolina lowcountry for our two speed groups! We grabbed impromptu coffee and sandwiches afterward at a PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans we discovered in the last stretch that offered ample outdoor seating. 

Right Turn Clyde Ride, 9 January 2021

Per a rather poetic John A.: “There was a good turnout for the first ride of 2021, despite cool, damp, and blustery weather. A fine-tuned pace line traversed the unusually-lightly trafficked roads of Bloomingdale and Southbridge on the infamous Ride Turn Clyde Ride.” Judging from the picture (which was absolutely taken on-site at that ride), it looks like a great time was had by all!

Gabi’s New Year’s Day Ride, 1 January 2021

Can’t think of a better way to leave a rather rocky 2020 behind and welcome the New Year than a ride with friends on January 1st! The weather itself seemed a harbinger of better things, as we were bathed in mild temps and sunshine as we toured Wilmington and Whitmarsh Islands. A great turnout meant minimum time pulling and maximum time basking in the beautiful day with little traffic and happy cyclists. We capped it all off with pizza and libations at Hop Atomica in the Starland District.

Liberty Trail Ride, 12 December 2020

Last week was enough winter for us, I think, and the earth agreed. Today’s ride started cool but pleasant and warmed up to the mid-60s. Another excellent turnout with two full speed groups on a beautiful day in Liberty County. Kathy said it was her new favorite route, and it was hard to disagree looking out over the marshy Medway River. In gratitude for their parking hospitality, we grabbed lunch and ate outside the Smokin’ Pig!

Kilkenny Ride, 5 December 2020

Winter has arrived, and so, therefore, have my lobster gloves! A great turnout for this first cold ride of the year; we had two speed groups for the, let’s call it “breezy,” ride out to Kilkenny Marina. It was a blue sky and sunny day, and those sunny spots certainly kept us going until it warmed up about half-way through. Everyone was in great spirits – a great start to December!

Ellabell Ride, 21 November 2020

I was out of town yet again, but John Arney took point on photos and a report. Another nice turnout for what may well turn out to be the last, great weather of the season before we take on the rigors of Ol’ Man Winter. We were very happy to see longtime CBTC alums John Baynard and Chris Seale make a most welcome appearance. 

Rincon Ride, 7 November 2020

Decent turnout this week for Rincon (a lot of the usual suspects), and I pity those of you that missed because it was as close to perfect as a biking day gets! Temps hung in the mid-70s on the classic Dasher Route through the smooth country byways of Rincon. Nature sighting of the day was a Red-Shoudered Hawk cutting straight across our path on the return – if only I’d had my camera in-hand! 

Skidaway Ride, 31 October 2020

Despite a lack of posting, our rides have continued in the month of October! It’s my fault because I’ve been out of town and unable to participate and chronicle them, but I was back this week for a great Halloween ride on Skidaway Island (and to and from for some of us!). It was a brisk start for those of us who rode to the ride from midtown Savannah, but it was worth it for that extra distance on what became a beautiful autumn day. Another excellent turnout (including two out-of-town guests from St. Pete, FL) gave us two speed groups as we toured the placid streets of the Landings. We’re in the best part of the year for cycling, so come join us next week in Rincon!

Tito Pineiro Memorial Ride, 10 October 2020

A sizable contingent of club riders participated in the third annual SFC Augusto “Tito” Pineiro memorial ride on Saturday, 10 October.  Despite less-than-optimal weather conditions, club riders led the 34 mile route to honor the memory of Tito, who was killed by a motorist while riding a hand-crank cycle.  Tito, who was known as “unbreakable”, was a local and regional icon.  Tito frequently tackled the most extreme athletic events to bring awareness to Operation Enduring Warrior.  One of the most extreme events Tito participated in was a 100 mile run – that Tito completed while wearing a full protective gas mask.  Family, friends and supporters stopped at the ghost bike memorial for a brief prayer and remembrance before completing the ride.

Islands Ride, 3 October 2020

After a brief hiatus, club rides resumed on this chill October Saturday. A nice turnout with two speed groups for a pleasant tour of Burnside Island and Isle of Hope. Possibly a few more sprints than we were accustomed to due to this replicating the Sunday ride, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Ended with a delicious lunch at Sly’s Sliders and Fries!

Ellabell Ride, 5 September 2020

Sadly, we have no Savannah Century this year, but that didn’t stop us from our annual Savannah Century warm-up in beautiful Ellabell. It was a warmer start than we’ve had of late, but a nice breeze and more shade than I remembered along the way made for a great ride for both of our groups. We had out of town guests from Tampa in Dave and Kelly, and they gave Kathy a spirited ride. The rest of the gang took an old route for some variety and, to quote the bard, it made all the difference.

Skidaway Island Ride, 29 August 2020

August was a month to remember, cycling weather-wise. Finished the month with another temperate and perfectly overcast day in an otherwise oppressively hot summer. Why I didn’t grab a photo of the sailboats enjoying the breezy day at our rest stop, I’ll never know; however, I did manage to snap pics of the two speed groups passing each other. 

Springfield Ride, 22 August 2020

I missed due to my daughter’s soccer game, but John attended and supplied a photo from the Clyo Trading Post and the following blurb: It was a beautiful overcast day. We averaged 19 mph on a 40-mile loop. It was actually 19.2 but Strava kicked it back (ed. note: whom do I trust more, John or Strava…?). Slower group did 34 miles. 

Looks like a good crowd in the photo. 

Fancy Hall Ride, 15 August 2020

We’re really having a great August for biking! We had cloud cover most of the ride, and temperatures hung around the low 80s. What’s more, there was a breeze, and it felt like a tailwind the whole ride. Another two-group ride, going 32 or 40 miles, and we were zipping along. Richmond Hill has some very nice, flat roads, and we enjoyed this ride. Somehow, John managed to tie his chain in a knot at one point, but Howard the On-Ride Physician was able to perform emergency surgery to save the day.

Hardeeville/Hospital Ride, 8 August 2020

Perfect summer cycling weather on this one. Rain came through early that morning and cooled everything off but had dried by the time we rode. We took a wrong turn, but it was a nice, quiet road and, frankly, may develop into an alternate route in the future. Two good-sized groups for this ride.

Harris Neck Ride, 25 July 2020

A beautiful day in McIntosh County, capped off by ideal wildlife watching at Harris Neck. Temperatures were great the entire morning and were capped off with a brief but thorough shower to cool off the home stretch. 

Rincon Ride, 18 July 2020

Great crowd for the Rincon Ride, with two speed groups helmed by the Club Members Extraordinaire James and Tina Dasher. A robust summer day, but the cycling breeze kept the worst of the heat away.