Ride News

Millstone Landing Ride, 18 June 2022

Great turnout in Hardeeville this week. Weather was warm but pleasant. This is a great summer route, as there is a lot of shade along the way. It was my first time on this revised ride (formerly the Hospital Ride), and I think it is much improved from the old version – we cut out the old pothole mile through town and found a way to avoid the busy highway. We need to find a lunch place to follow this ride, so everyone start researching restaurants!

Islands Ride, 18 June 2022

John A.: What can I say about the ride? Well, it was kind of a small group, but we had 2 visitors from Atlanta join us. It was also pretty hot, but as you know there is a lot of shade along the way. We had a fine lunch at Sly’s after the ride.

Right Turn Clyde Ride, 11 June 2022

I led this ride on what felt at the start like a sauna of day; however, once we got rolling the temps felt fine (evaporative cooling in 110% humidity, I suppose). Note the very large turnout, undoubtedly a result of the ride leader’s charisma. Of note on this ride was that Hwy 17 appeared to have actually been cleaned; however, Little Neck is still an obstacle course of potholes. We had some new riders come out as well as some irregular members. Great time with lunch at Mariachi’s (huevos con chorizo con cerveza grande para la victoria)!

Ellabell Ride, 4 June 2022

Fresh start for Ride News, CBTCers! After feedback from the Club non-Facebookers (myself included), I am re-starting the Ride News updates. Rejoice! I’m also archiving the old news and will likely keep this page current to the last five or so rides.

Ellabell was a joy as always, though I think we were all surprised at the extent of the tornado damage up there. Hendrix Park, our starting point, has basically been obliterated – the main building in particular was ravaged, as was the neighborhood next door. I don’t think a single tree remains standing. It was a somber scene but the Ellabellians look to be resiliently building back. We had a very nice ride with great temps and ate at Sandra’s Seafood afterward.