Ride News

Liberty Trail Ride, 6 July 2019

The club’s Saturday ride on 6 July was well attended – and the cold drinks and food after the ride were excellent as well.  We dodged a lot of bad weather, and it was a great ride…..however, it was a tad warm and muggy as the features on Darryl and John’s faces can attest.

Fourth of July ride around Hunter Army Air Field 4 July 2019

A large contingent of club riders, along with several Savannah area riders, rode a couple of patriotic laps around Hunter Army Air Field (HAAF).  We left pretty early to try and avoid the heat and humidity – silly us.

Rincon Ride, Saturday 29 June 2019

Skies had big puffy clouds, but the temperatures were scorching and the humidity heavy, but – hey – this is Georgia and it’s summer.  We had a great ride, and enjoyed ourselves over cold drinks and delicious Mexican food – what’s not to like about any of this?

Matt’s Moon River Cruise, 15 June 2019

Although overall participation was low (due to the event having been postponed due to inclement weather) a sizable contingent of club riders participated.  The event honors the death of a local cyclist (Matt Kholer), and is sponsored by Moon River Brewing, who created a beer in Matt’s honor.  Let’s all try to make this event a “must attend” next year, as we partner with Bike Walk Savannah to host this great community event.