Ed Jewell

Ed Jewell - Silver Comet 2014

Ed Jewell – Silver Comet 2014

Words of remorse from fellow cyclists:

“Lucille and I were very sorry to hear of Ed’s passing. He will be greatly missed. Not many people become legends in their lifetimes, but Ed in his quiet and unassuming way did just that among those who knew him or knew of him. He will not be forgotten. Ride on Ed.” Arte Rahn

I can’t believe anything could stop Ed’s metronomic pedaling. I know he’s still tapping out that beautiful cadence somewhere. We sure will miss you, Ed. About the nicest person I ever met.  Frank McIntosh

Soft spoken but hard pedaling, Ed was a pleasure to ride with. . . if you could keep up! Now he’s got God-speed, I’ll continue to feel you out there Ed in the whispering pines and roads around Rincon. Roy Mueller

Oh no!  I’m so shocked and sad. a contribution to the Savannah Bike Campaign maybe? Ed was an inspiration, and a gentle soul.  I’ll miss him. Carolyn Altman

May I suggest the Rincon ride be renamed Ed’s Ride (or something similar with his name attached). Joel Mitchell

This is very sad news! We all loved Ed and admired him for his leadership, and his love of cycling.

We will miss Ed out front on the Rincon ride.  Glenn Shealey

Hey everyone! We all loved Ed so much and he was a tremendous support to me as I worked my way and my weight loss journey.  It was Ed that made me feel like I was a cyclist from the beginning when I could only ride 2 miles on that very first time I tried to ride at 400 pounds and now I still hear him saying “Just keep riding Margie and it will come off!” Every club meeting he would ask me how I was doing and continued to cheer me on. He NEVER left me make an excuse NOT to ride but rather would remind me of reason to ride.  Margie Robichaux

Ed was a remarkable friend–he was one of the first people Buddy and I met when we began bicycling in 1985, and we kept up all these years.  In the last few years, I would ride part of the Jewell of a ride, just because he was leading it. Ed was a Jewell of a person, and I will miss him. Jane Kahn

2014 has been rough, We’ve lost two longtime members this year, Franz and now Ed. I bet Ed would want the club to be riding regardless. My suggestion a prayer and a toast at this Saturday’s ride to these fine gentlemen. Will Fell

Personally Ed was always a delight to speak with and I spoke to him many times either before a club ride or at the YMCA.

This was a very sad loss for the biking community. Ed Dunn

I only knew Ed for about six months and enjoyed every ride. Even though it was a short time I will have memories that last a lifetime. Scarla and I are already laughing about our best ‘Ed’ moments.  Mike McAlister

I loved riding with Ed. I’d be working my butt off keeping up, and he’d be over there just ticking away steadily. Bill Bailey

There were also some very appropriate comments left on the Strickland Funeral Home Obit guestbook: